Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Our kitchen on Lincoln Avenue


I remember we had a nice size kitchen there. Do you remember the geese I stenciled all over the cubboards? Baby blue, white, and red hearts? It took me forever to do that! Our kitchen sink was a stubborn thing! Only a trickle of water came out and instead of your dad calling a plumber to have it fixed, he just figured out a way to use it as is. He would put the dishes in and go to the bathroom, take a nap and mow the lawn, come back and the sink would be filled with water. He would wash the dishes then rinse them with the trickle. I think it stayed like that until we had to fix it when we sold the house. I remember coming home one night from bible study and Marcy and Jenny had been watching you kids. They wanted to be nice and wash the dishes. They didn't have the patience of Job for our sink so they washed them in the bathtub. Ewwe.

I remember many a meals at that old kitchen table. We did everything there from coloring Easter eggs to carving pumpkins and baking pumpkin seeds. You would play with play-dough, silly puddy and make crafts at that table. I remember baking Christmas cookies with all of you kids. I had sprinkles and candies and 5 different colored frostings and I would let you all go to town. I'd let you roll the dough, play with the dough, cut out the shapes, frost them yourselves and eat them. Cassy enjoyed doing that. Well, the girls maybe more than the boys. There wasn't a open space on the counters or table. What a mess! But ah what memories! I still recall the time when I heard Cassy's blood curdling screams when she had fallen into the bushes and cut her chin open. Blood was everywhere and your dad carried her in his arms and pushed everything off the table to lay her down so we could see where the blood was coming from. That was so frightening for me. I hated the thought of her being hurt and in pain. I was terrified. She had to have a specilaist come in order to so up all the layers because it was so deep. He did a great job because you can't even tell now that it ever even happened.

We also had big windows in that kitchen so it would be bright and gay on sunny mornings. I forever had a broom in one hand and a pan in the other! I tried to invent something called the High-chair Benefactor. I was forever cleaning food off the floor and thought I could attach a 1/2 moon plastic tray to the high chair so everything would fall on it and I could just rinse it off, fold it in 1/2 and attach it back to the high chair. I never did though.

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  1. The Lincoln Avenue House:

    I remember when you, mom told me that you were pregnant... again. I have NO idea which child it was but I remember you sitting me down in the living room and telling me. I don't really remember my reaction.

    I also remember you telling me about Jesus in the living room there and praying with me that He would come into my heart.

    I remember Cassy as a baby in the old wooden highchair in the kitchen and dad feeding her baby food. I LOVED peach flavored baby food even though I was too old for baby food. I kept bugging dad to give me some of Cassy's baby food and he kept telling me no. Then finally after him getting frustrated with me he gave me a HUGE bite and well, let me tell you, it wasn't Peach flavored. It was like the grossest thing ever and he wouldn't let me spit it out. That was the last time I ever asked for baby food!

    I remember playing in the yard at the Lincoln house.