Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I remember every Easter buying each one of you a new Easter outfit. We always went to Sunday school and church and it took forever trying to get you all ready and then myself too. I usually baked cinnamon rolls or something quick. Plus if I had to nurse one of you, get you all dressed, wash you up, change diapers and try and get ready myself, one or two of you (usually the boys) would have gotten dirty again or taken off their shoes and we couldn't find them, or something like that would make us run late. It's a miracle we got there all in one piece. Often times I would help in one of the classes at church. I used to write plays for church, be in plays, teach Sunday school, or help out in some capacity. I even dressed up as a clown and acted goofy in the toddler class once and performed puppet shows. Holly and I sang together at church also. You all looked so cute in your new outfits. Do you remember getting up in front of church and singing songs about Jesus with your Sunday school class?

Later we always had an Easter egg hunt sometimes outside, sometimes inside depending on the weather. Later I would sneak and put your Easter baskets on your bed to find. I would put little toys, fruit, and candy in them. You were all so excited and happy. Sometimes I would tell you that I had seen the Easter bunny sneaking around the house. Grandma Bev would usually come over and I would make a ham dinner. We'd have jello, my famous potatoes, rolls, vegetables, and a dessert. I would sing Easter songs to you like "Here comes Peter Cottontail."

In 1986 Christopher was born and Easter came early that year. Your dad wanted to show him off at church and even though I was really tired, we went straight from the hospital to church with him. He was our new Easter gift from God, representing new life from God. We were all so proud of him. He was a little basket of joy!


  1. That's cool about Chris. You guys never told me that before.

  2. I remember your lies, mom! Man, they were good ones. You'd always come up with some believable peice of evidence that the bunny was there, or that santa had snuck through. And you always played it out, as if you were surprised yourself.

    For some reason,I feel as if it made me more clever.