Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holly Remembers...

bike riding on the trails by the lake. Dad would load all of the bikes up and we would drive to the lake and unload all of the bikes. You would be in the middle/ front of the line and dad would be at the very back of the line. We would fly kites by the lake. We would just go to the park to run and play. Family fun night: go to walgreens and pick out a 50 cent candy bar. Go to blockbuster and agree on one movie. Go home and watch TGIF shows and then our movie and eat our special candy bar. I remember going to the Milwaukee museum one time. I remember at the house on Lincoln. Dancing and singing to the cassette tape Bullfrogs and Butterflies. You telling us stories.

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  1. I also remember dad loading up all the bikes and we would go to the little round track by our house. That track is where some of us learned how to ride a bike.

    I have a vague memory of playing dress up.